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July 15, 2010

I saw my boys “working” on a “project” and I had one of those heart-so-full-of-emotion moments that leave you quite literally breathless. My guys love to be “Joe’s.” A “Joe” is any worker–construction, garbage collector, carpenter, lawn guy… Here are some examples:

A) The lawn maintenance company arrives at the neighbor’s house & the employees unload the machinery and begin to work.    OLDER CHILD: “The Joes are across the street!”   MAMA: “Cool. What are they doing?”    YOUNGER CHILD: “Law-mow!!”    MAMA: “Cool! They’re mowing the lawn!”

B) One or both of my children are playing with trucks on some type of a work site.  MAMA: “Hey, ‘Guy’! What’s your name?”   CHILD: “I’m Joe.”    MAMA: “Hey, Joe, what are you doin’?”

C) We’re driving down the road & pass a construction site.  OLDER CHILD: “Wow, look at all the Joes. I wish I was a Joe. When I get big I’m gonna be a Joe.”  MAMA: “They sure are workin’.”  YOUNGER CHILD: “I SEE JOES!!!!! I be Joe, too. Mama, say ‘Hi, Joe.'”  MAMA: “Hi, Joe, what are you doing?”  YOUNGER CHILD: “Kuhksh’n.”   MAMA: “Construction?” That’s cool, Joe.”

D) The boys want me to play trucks with them.  OLDER CHILD: “Mama, can you play with us now?”   MAMA: “Sure. What do you want to play?”  O. CHILD: “Trucks.”  MAMA: “Okay. Is there a story or are we just going to play?”  O. CHILD: “Let’s be on a (he then launches into an elaborate story line complete with a few critical lines I have to repeat)  Y. CHILD: “Mama, you be dumkuck Joe.”  MAMA: “Oh, I’m the dump truck Joe?”  Y. CHILD: “Yes. I be buhdojzuh Joe.”  MAMA: “Okay, you be bulldozer Joe. Who are you, Peanut (O. CHILD’s nickname)?   O. CHILD: “I’ll be a Joe with a walkie-talkie (and again an elaborate scenario).”

“Joe” was created by my dad & brother when they played together when my brother was little. I have no idea when it all began–it just always was as far as I know.  They had the same conversations my guys & I have, I’m sure. My dad is 71 & my brother is 43. Their nickname for each other is…”Joe.” My brother arrives at my parent’s house unexpectedly & my dad greets him with a pleasantly surprised, “Joe!!” My brother responds with, “Hey, Joe, how’s it going?”

I totally love that. My brother had kids (a boy & a girl) when he married his wife. C was 7 when they got married, so he was really already beyond growing up with Joe. They are developing other traditions. I’m so glad that my boys started out with Joe. I hope they’re both Joe for a long, long time.

Here are my Joes doing a “project” with heavy cardboard boxes, screws, nails & screwdrivers (*must be Philips head screwdrivers–and I have no idea if the spelling is right on that).  J asked me to find hammers, but since my in-laws have ceramic tile on their kitchen floor I thought it would be better if I couldn’t find hammers today.

Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em!!!!!

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  1. July 19, 2010 11:56 am

    Your comments were off when I read this. I love this tradition. What a great (and original) thing for your family to continue. I have a “joe” over here too 🙂

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