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August Second

August 3, 2010

Here are my two photos for The August Break. Lemme tell ya there are some beautiful photos in this group. By the time I posted there were 500+ submissions. I started looking at them, commenting on some. I got to the third page, saw that Jessica Hibbard had updated her initial submission and got lost in the internet reading about moleskine notebooks, bookbinding, making your own little notebooks, cool notebooks on etsy…and I find myself at 2:04 in the a.m. Yep.

My photos were going to initially be about what things in my day are “theirs” (= the boys’), “mine”, and “ours.” But things change. What started out as a sleepy, forced day turned out pretty well as far as the boys and I were concerned. TV…yeah. A lot of playing with toys, though, too. They dumped the wooden blocks, which made me very happy, btw, that they chose them over electronic guitars, tools that make authentic noises, and the billions of colorful plastic parts and pieces. Jamison was so thoughtful about his projects. After he finished building this particular structure he said, “Am I an awesome builder, Mama?” And he really wanted to know! He is such a sweet, sensitive, overloaded, emotional, intelligent boy.

We role-played animals (their favorite, my not-so-favorite but it makes them happy!), read a couple of books, role-played their favorite of them, ate, they napped.

Later in the day at Books A Million after reading several books and playing with the Thomas the Train setup I announced that it was time to go. It was almost 7 p.m., we hadn’t eaten (we were having such a good time I had no idea it was that late!), and Curtis had pooped in his diap (diaper bag was in the car). For s-o-m-e reason it threw Jamison. He burst into a rage, kicked, cried (real tears), hit, rammed into me as I calmly walked away, screamed that we were going back to play some more… Whew. I tried calmly & quietly gently restraining him. That never works because he has a claustrophobia-thing. I decided to just slowly and silently walk away. After the ramming he returned to the train set, played a few more minutes and returned as…the Jamison in the photo above. (Heavy sigh…)

A few groceries and a pizza later we were home and eating. I intended to get them in bed early (for them) in case Jamison’s thing was made worse because of being too tired. Looking at a hornet’s nest in the tree, taking the garbage out and a variety of I-can’t-quite-remembers they got into bed at around 9. Sleep didn’t come for Curtis until after 10 and for Jamison until almost 11…which is why I am willing to stay up until after 2 a.m. just to get a little bit of oh so desperately needed time to myself.

I enjoyed it. Ask me tomorrow if my answer is the same! Maybe I should get the espresso machine ready tonight.

I told Curtis that I was going to dream about going for a ride down a dirt path in a forest on the back of a tortoise. The tortoise family would walk so slowly we could reach out and grab berries off the bushes we passed. We’d look at the butterflies drinking nectar from the beautiful flowers, and we’d lounge on our backs catching glimpses of the fluffy clouds through the trees. He added that an alligator would be on the path and would chase us so he could eat us. Nice.

(Note to self: please get your thoughts together and write about the pieces of your life, and also write honestly about the words left unsaid tonight.)

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  1. August 3, 2010 12:44 pm

    Oh, a PUBLIC tantrum. How fun. Those make my chest squeeze up and my heart try to escape all at the same time. It sounds like you were cool, calm and collected, which is a trick. I love the bottle of wine. Your story gave that meaning πŸ™‚ And your little boy is adorable too.

  2. August 4, 2010 5:11 am

    Oh, leaving-the-store tantrums are just awful. Especially when Thomas-the-Train is involved. Poor Jamison was probably feeling the effects of hunger, don’t you think? God help anyone when I’m hungry and thwarted.

    I so understand staying up way too late for a little quiet time. Which is why I’m writing this comment at 12:08 AM!

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