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May As Well Start Here

November 3, 2010

So… There’s just too much to say. Like if you see an old love several years after a break-up that maybe didn’t need to happen and you both know it. It’s just easier to start a whole new conversation NOT about your relationship. So here’s my new conversation. Yep, you got it. A “tag” from Facebook to write 25 random things about myself. Crazy, right? Fitting.
1.) I am Queen of the Undone. I start a million projects and often don’t complete them. (Hate that!)

2.) I regularly color my hair now. My “natural” color has become almost black & there’s just enough gray to look unattractive. I get it colored dark brown-sometimes with highlights.

3.) I love love LOVVVVVVVVVE having sons. Every loud, dirty, broken, sweaty thing about ’em!!!

4.) I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1996.

5.) My brother & I have very good senses of humor. I think it’s gotten me through a lot of…un-funny stuff.

6.) I’ve stopped watching tv. It’s just kind of happened. I’ll watch something with the kids just to be doing it together (Curious George or Animal Planet type stuff), but not on my own.

7.) I love crafts!! I haven’t really done any for a few years but maybe once or twice a year I can do a scrapbook page. Cut! Paste! Ooooo!! Love it! Sew, paint–anything!!! I think I should be Martha Stewart. THAT would be scary…

8.) I like to cook & do laundry. I hate dusting. I don’t mind dishes, either. It’s just the time they all take–I’ve got a wee issue with that.

9.) If I had ONE wish (for this life here & now) I’d wish for money. I really want more time, but I think I could “buy” some time (pay people to “do things” for me which would free up my time), plus then I’d also have a little more money to pay bills!

10.) There are some decisions that I would definitely make differently if I could, but I don’t think I have true regrets. I used to think that I did, but now I can see a “positive” side to them.

11.) I do not manage my time well. (I can think of s-e-v-e-r-a-l things I should be doing instead of writing 25 random things about myself!) Plus I get sidetracked easily.

12.) I miss many of the traditions or routines from my youth that I would like to have with my kids. The ones that come to mind most require family and very close friends nearby & time to spend together. Meals, annual events, camping with the same friends. That kind of thing…

13.) I have come to appreciate that my parents and brother would do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g for me. (I hope they know that I would do the same for them, & for my brother’s family.)

14.) I have lived in a boat for the past 7 years.

15.) I have had only a few very dear true-love girlfriends in my life. I feel blessed to have had them leave their mark on my heart.

16.) I appreciate friends now more than I ever have.

17.) I need to learn how to be consistently more frugal. I do well for a while then feel like I “deserve” to splurge. Crazy. Usually it’s on toys for the boys…or on scrapbook stuff. (I have enough scrapbook stuff to open a store…because I don’t have time to actually, um, USE IT!)

18.) I discovered that I can’t cry lately. I need to. I want to. But I can’t do it.

19. ) I can be very impulsive. Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes.

20.) My husband & I came very close to buying a bed & breakfast in Venezuela.

21.) I’ve done this list before & these are very different things than on the previous list.

22.) I feel awesome when I clean up my diet (nada on the sugar mainly) & sleep a lot. Gee, imagine that!!!!

23.) My oldest relative is my Nana, my mom’s mom. She’s 95 & has been in very good health. Lives on her own, is very active. She has all of a sudden had some issues…& I can’t get myself to call her because I’m afraid it will be one of the last times that I talk to her.

24.) I always wanted a tatoo but could never think of a good enough one to get. Now I know what I want, but have decided that a tatoo isn’t the right for me.

25. If I lose all the weight I want to lose, I want to get my nose pierced. Gotta look into that one, before I do, though!

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  1. November 3, 2010 12:38 pm

    I am so glad you posted! I have been worried about you. I love your 25 things. I am also a queen of the undone…maybe the Northern Queen?

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